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Friday, May 29, 2009

out of boredom

At Kolkatta airport, i find i have too much time and absolutely nothing to do so iwalk to the cyber cafe to sit and find ways to while away my time. I reason its a good thing anyway because it gives me a chance toupdate my blog- its been so long since i last did. But what does one write about when the mind is filled with thoughts of the two flights one still has to take, of the long hours of transit one still has to sit through; when the three a-little-ahead-in-years men next to you on the small round table are eating samosas with sauce dripping over and slurping like they never had anything better in their life???

Really, this is only an exercise to make time go faster!!!

I might cringe when i look at this post when i've had time to reflect. When the mind is willing to yhink thoughts worth sharing, these linesmay only make me wanna shout at the girl typing them. But then, technology comes to her aid. the great thing about this blog is that it allows me, the creator, to delete so many lines, written at the cost of my time, money, finger muscles and some grey matter- to wipe them off the face of whatever "world wide" space it ever inhibited.

It was a good flight. I sat beside a mantoo big to be comfortable in the small Kingfisher ATR seats on the Aizawl- Kolkatta route. Why i hate sitting beside such specimens of the population, is that i dont get enough room to rest my arms. They always, almost always, hog the arm rest we're supposed to share. Space constraints must be stopping all makers of planes from providing independent arm rests to passengers. And space constraints make the larger ones hog what they're supposed to share- maybe thats the only way they can show their frustration at being too big to fit into seats they can afford to pay for. But tahts mean, cos in this particular sector, one doesnt really have a choice.

Now if i was anywhere else, this would be the point where i break off from the nonsensical narrationa nd philosophise on the general nature of airplane passengers- the polite and the rude ones; the smelly and the cool ones. But i cant do that-like I said, the men are still smacking on their samosas and the cook here keeps producing appeasing smells behind. And justwhen im determined to stop eating between meals!!!

I have been here for half an hour now. the first few minutes after landing, i was sitting in the VIP lounge, trying to look serious and reading the newspaper. it got to be a little confining- i mean the looking serious part. So i ran out, got my bag and my faithful trrolley and decided to explore Kolkatta airport space like i always do. Im good at this, especially when im alone. Which is why i prefer travelling alone. Why i'd rather be in a cafe than in the VIP lounge trying to make sensible conversation...


illusionaire said...

Hahaha... well there is a secret to the "arm hogging space" problem. Its easy. Be the first to hog the space. After that he will not do it. And if he beat you to it, always be alert during the flight because he cannot hog it all the time. He needs to move, like pick up a mag etc... the moment he does that, dive in like an eagle going for the kill and put your arm on that space.


Now it will be his turn to wait for you to let your guard down... the hunted becomes the hunter. Thats why flying is always a game of tic tac toe with your neighbor. hehehe.

I have never blogged directly from a cyber cafe in my life.

OpaHmar said...

i zin ngun bik, i hausa eeeeeeeee
"whatever "world wide" space it ever inhibited" hi inhabited i tihna a niang tiro??
write it again 10 times
chuan min ngai em?

tochh said...

I know...hunter-hunted, its just a matter of minutes-:)) blogging from a cafe was a pain, but i made sure i cleared their cookies!!!m now trying to find the energy to blog about the trip...huihamz.

Lal OP, nagih tur hian om ta che...make ur presence felt sometimes!!