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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


yup i was right!!!! I knew i was definitely going to squirm at what i'd blogged from a cafe... the spellings, space bar timings- my thoughts in general...Whew!!! but no corrigendums, i dont do that


illusionaire said...

Its only natural that that happens :) I noticed it immediately but, its ok. I think that gives it the genuine look and feel of somebody actually traveling & blogging, which is so apt for that particular post. Please, don't correct those mistakes :)

But here, since you are coming online from the warm comfort of home, I will raise an objection because you do not have an excuse this time :) The plural of corrigendum is corrigenda, not corrigendums :D

tochh said...

yup u r so right!!! kei misual lah hian blog hi kan peih ta thinlo, even ehen i feel i have so much to excuse remains- Latin origin, why not me when there are those who call us 'Mizos'???? :)

tochh said...

even when:)